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IColor™ 700 Digital Label Press with Harlequin Rip 230V añadido al carrito

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IColor™ 700 Digital Label Press with Harlequin Rip 230V

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IColor™ 700 Digital Label Press with Harlequin Rip 230V

UNINET® Part #ICP700230

The Power To Do More In Less Time - A unique Desktop Digital Press solution for short to mid run label production!

Introducing the IColor® 700 LED Toner-Based Digital Label Press for continuous roll-to-roll printing production featuring full color, and optional white under print capabilities in one single pass. The IColor® 700 is designed for in-house label printing; its unique low fuser temperature technology supports production printing on a broader range of standard and specialty label substrates including PET, vinyl and more. The Uninet™ IColor® 700 is a print system that allows production onto a variety of pre die-cut, kiss-cut or uncut substrates. Users can efficiently print 20 or 2,000 labels in minutes, with a finished roll ready for immediate application, eliminating lengthy lead times. That’s what the IColor® 700 will bring to your business.

It’s never been easier to go digital. The dynamics of the label and packaging industry are evolving and UniNet is changing the rules with the IColor® 700 Desktop Digital Label Press, printing at speeds of up to 9.14 meters/minute (30 feet/min). Customer’s demands are turning to shorter runs, faster turnaround and greater variety in their labels, branding and packaging. This innovative label press is easy to operate, so you can say goodbye to outsourcing and storing large quantities of labels that end up becoming unusable if any changes need to be made to your artwork.

Print on pre die-cut media with the IColor® patented auto-registration system. This exclusive technology keeps labels in position from beginning to end, resulting in consistent quality without the need to constantly monitor printing. Or print on non-cut media and add one of UniNet’s finishing solutions for custom die cutting, lamination, matrix removal, slitting and final rewind.

Exclusive to the IColor® series of printers is optional ability to print WHITE, both as a spot color and an underprint®® in one pass. This allows the user to print vibrant white with full color on clear and dark media. Save toner with the ability to print white text and designs onto dark labels and backgrounds. Printing on a wide variety of media is a cinch, including gloss and matte finishes, vinyl, PET, black or dark media and much more!






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