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Tiny But Mighty

Exceptional Entry-Level Printer

UNINET's A3+ portable entry-level ink-based direct-to-film digital transfer printer was developed for the short-volume production of high-quality full-color print transfers for the apparel decorating market.

The Ideal On-Demand Starter DTF Printer.

The UNINET® DTF™ 100 is a tiny but mighty direct-to-film digital transfer printer, capable of creating A3+ up to 13" x 19" wide high-quality image cut sheet prints. It is the most affordable and adaptable way to quickly print on-demand high-quality DTF transfers at home without taking up a lot of room.

Material Versatility.

This device is precisely configured for manual DTF powder application and capable of generating basic or complicated, colorful weedless digital transfers in a single pass. Allows you to print on light and dark-colored fabrics and use an almost unlimited variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, nylon, canvas, blends, and much more!

The UNINET® DTF™ 100 System ships with the following:

A high-definition and professional inkjet Printhead
UNINET® DTF™ ProRIP™ Advanced RIP Software features exceptional file preparation, white and color management, production automation functionality, and more.
UNINET® DTF™ Master Class Video Training Series: Discover everything there is to know about DTF printing, maximize the value of your equipment, and be inspired to expand your business even further.
UNINET® DTF Starter Bundle (Hygrometer, Maintenance Solutions, and accessories)
UNINET® DTF™ Five-color inks (CMYK + White)
UNINET® DTF™ Transfer Film Sheets (A3+ size)

    The UNINET® DTF™ 100 System features:

    Works with transfer film cut sheets up to 13" wide.

    WICS (White Ink Circulation System) – a motor to agitate the white ink in the tank, combined with a separate white ink management system that can be enabled by pressing the switch button to pump the white ink throughout the entire printer system always to guarantee smooth and consistent ink flow.

    DTF Sheet Exit Tray - to assist the transfer sheets out of the printer after they have been printed and prevent the paper from getting buckled or snagged by the rollers. It keeps the film sheet from curling and the ink from smearing.

    Ink Tank System (no cartridges needed) for easy, and mess-free refills.

    Print speed: up to 10 square ft/hr (~8 A3 pages/hr)

    1440 dpi printing resolution.

    Printer Dimensions - 27.8" x 12.7" x 8.5" / 70.5cm x 32.2cm x 21.5cm

    Printer Weight – 28lbs / 12.7kg

    High-Resolution Printing and White Overprint® capabilities.

    The UNINET® DTF™ 100 printing system has a high-definition, professional inkjet printhead with a wide color gamut for crisp, stunning print output. It also incorporates a technology that automatically combines CMYK colors and white overprint® capabilities to produce professional-quality and sharp prints in one pass exponentially.

    UNINET® Seal of Quality.

    Every UNINET® product introduced to the market is backed by the UNINET® seal of quality, one of the world's most trusted printing solutions companies, for years. The same is true for the UNINET® DTF™ 100. In the form of consumables, transfer film papers, and cleaning solutions, UNINET® offers a comprehensive, all-inclusive functional solution to streamline the printing process and empower printing professionals to rapidly move from thoughts to see their creations come to life.

    Beyond this, UNINET® provides.

    UNINET® DTF™ Cleaning Solutions
    UNINET® DTF™ Inks
    UNINET® DTF™ Transfer Film Papers
    UNINET® DTF™ Powders
    USA Training and Technical Support*
    UNINET® USA Warranty
      *Onboarding technical support included in USA and Europe; additional technical support requires purchase or a subscription plan.

      What's NOT Included, but you may need:

      • UNINET® DTF™ Powder Heat Station (to cure the powder to the printed sheets)
      • Windows 10 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port
      • Heat press for finishing (curing) the final print to your garment - We recommend a 16x20 heat press
      • 5 small funnels (for ink filling)
      • Humidifier (to keep the humidity above 50% - 65% in the print room)
      • Air purifier / Fume extractor for curing process
      • Protective gear
      • Additional Personal Training (2 Hour Personal Training Sessions are sold separately)
      NOTE: This equipment requires a well-ventilated area with a filtration system. When working with DTF products and processes, use protective gear since fumes might be harmful. DTF inks and film/sheets need an adequate humidity environment - above 50% - 65% humidity is strongly advised to reduce the possibility of ink clogs and film buckling.


      Printer Technical Specifications


      Print Speed 8 to 10 minutes per A3 Sheet
      Resolution Up to 1440 dpi
      Printhead A high-definition and professional inkjet Printhead
      Operating System Supported Windows® 7 & Windows® 10
      Interfaces USB connection
      Paper Capacity PET film sheets: up to 13 in / 33 cm / 330 mm wide x 48 inch / 122 cm 1219 mm long
      Rated Power 16W
      Dimensions (WxDxH) 27.8 x 12.7 x 8.5 in / 70.5 x 32.2 x 21.5 cm
      Weight 28 lb
      Power AC 110/60Hz
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