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IColor™ Hot Stamping Foil - Bright Gold 12.5in x 20' (318mm x 6.1m) Roll added to your cart

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IColor™ Hot Stamping Foil - Bright Gold 12.5in x 20' (318mm x 6.1m) Roll

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IColor™ Hot Stamping Foil - Bright Gold 12.5 in x 20 ft (318mm x 6.1m) Roll


The IColor® Hot Stamping Foil allows you to augment your already transferred design by pressing a variety of foil colors on top of your graphic. The foil adheres to any transferred design and adheres best to composite black toner based prints. Also recommended to use with like colored designs. For example, apply orange foil on an orange colored design to mask any imperfections.

IColor® Hot Stamping Foil presses at (310°F / 154°C), which is the same temperature as the IColor® Standard 2-Step Paper, so there is no waiting for your heat press to change temperature between presses. Some care must be taken when pressing onto some types of synthetic material such as nylon or polyester. Spandex or lycra material is not recommended.

IColor® Hot Stamping Foil is available in a very large variety of colors and designs to suit any situation. Augment your graphic transfers with IColor® Hot Stamping Foil.


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