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Certified Label Media

Get the Best Quality Image

A beautiful label reflects the quality of your product and sets you apart from the competitors. Whether you’re an in-plant or commercial printer, it is important to know and understand the different substrates available for your digital label printer, in order to stand out from the rest. UNINET® recognizes this need and provides a variety of approved substrates to ensure the best quality image print after print

Avoid Unwanted Surprises

UNINET® has established an approval process for qualifying substrates suitable to be used with IColor printers. The benefits of using approved substrates are that they provide superior quality and resolution, as well as greater consistency and repeatability compared to untested and unproven products. This ensures the highest possible image quality and avoids unwanted surprises and frustrations. UNINET® is not responsible for damage done when using non-certified substrates.

Certified Media Library

Certified Materials include: papers (matte, semigloss, high gloss, fluorescent, textured beverage stocks, tag stocks and paper-based foils), plastics (polyester, vinyl, polypropylene and biaxially-oriented polypropylene), as well as specialty materials such as Teslin®, piggyback substrates, magnetic materials and more. The Certified Media Library is constantly growing as new label stocks are tested and added to the list of approved substrates. For more information on the approved substrates, please email sales@icolorprint.com

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