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Label Printers

Changes On-The-Fly

Our digital label presses were designed to fit the needs of the short run label market. These compact digital printers, which boast the smallest footprint in their class, allows users to make changes in-house at a moment's notice. When ordering through traditional print houses, altering any part of a label such as logos, ingredients, colors, or fonts are all costly adjustments. 

A Superior Process

With IColor™ technology, UV and water resistant labels can be printed instantly, on a variety of pre die cut and continuous roll media substrates, eliminating the need to store bulk quantities on site. Compared to other printing solutions, IColor™ label printers run at twice the speed with the lowest fusing temperature on the market today.

The IColor™ 250 Series

The lowest-priced, ink-based label printer + built in cutter all-in-one-solution on the market today. Desktop footprint, full color, built-in cutter, and full steam ahead for short-run professional label production like you’ve never experienced before. The UNINET® IColor™ 250 is packed with the IColor™ CustomCUT™ Software, which means you don’t just cut labels; you model them into your desired shape. It prints onto media up to 4.75'' wide. Equipped with an all-in-one high capacity single ink cartridge with built-in print-head (cyan, magenta, yellow, process black) for both pigment and dye-based applications.

The IColor™ 700 Series

The IColor™ 700 is a Desktop Digital Label Press solution, printing at speeds of up to 9:14 meters/minute (30 feet/min) on a variety of die-cut, kiss-cut or continuous roll substrates. This innovative label press is easy to operate, so you can say goodbye to outsourcing and storing large quantities of labels that end up becoming unusable if any changes need to be made.

The IColor™ 900 Series

he IColor™ 900 is a Production-Level Digital Label Press solution that provides high resolution graphics, photos and barcodes on hundreds of different die-cut, kiss-cut and non-cut continuous roll substrates for any market or industry. It makes same day production possible through innovative features such as quick changeover technology coupled with management workflow software.

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